Stories are immaterial things. They flit about like birds, giving shape to the world while lacking any substance of their own. At best we are only a part of the process, providing temporary residence where stories can rest before taking flight once again.

Hello. I'm Jonathon Burgess, and I write fiction. Welcome to my site. 

What's new:

I'm in an anthology! The genre is a little different for me, but I had an idea that just wouldn't quit.

Cantina Press graciously agreed, and have included it in their comedy-romance anthology Untethered: A Magic iPhone Anthology. The release date is this Saturday, October 1st. I'll be at the release party in Seattle, Washington at Wayward Coffee House on Friday, and Saturday the 1st at Another Read Through in Portland, Oregon.  Happen to be in the area? Come say hi, and find out what happens when Siri gets really ticked off.


My work: