Book Announcement - A Conspiracy of Rogues

Diverse greetings and salutations appropriate to your philosophy!

I've been keeping a secret. For the better part of last year I've been diligently working on the Scaly Circus stories. I hope you've enjoyed them. But those tales were just the start. I've also been writing something else, something bigger and more ambitious.

Hristomarth's a fun character, but this saga isn't really about him. Its about the Brood of Nesnatoth, and how they make their way in the world after their warped upbringing as wyrmlings. Of those seven weird little reptiles, one in particular is going to get the spotlight: Greasetrap.

So let's get down to it. Without further ado, let me announce A Conspiracy of Rogues, the first novel in The Blackscale Thief duology.


It's been a few decades since the Grand Fair of Alhambry, and the wyrmlings have all grown into adolescence. They're still trouble, of course, but Hristomarth has them trained into a skilled, more-or-less efficient band of thieves. And now he's set his sights on using them to steal a truly spectacular fortune. 

There's a lot more to it than that, and I'll send regular updates as the publication date approaches. For now, though, I want to give away a few Advanced Reader Copies - no strings attached. Anyone interested? If so, just mail me back and say so (this will not preclude anyone from getting ARC's of the Scaly Circus collection).

Thanks for reading,

Jonathon Burgess