Blog, Resurrected.

[Jon Burgess]: I'm a terrible blogger. No, really. The post before this one was about Worldcon back in 2015. Before that? I changed this website to a static page instead of a wordpress blog, because I wasn't ever updating the thing. 

[Jon Burgess]: Well. I'm hoping to try and change that. So! There'll be some new content here soon. Hopefully. I live in PDX, near a lot of great eating. Which is a perfect opportunity. I'll be starting up a food review series at this blog, probably called "Greasetrap's Gastronomy."

[Greasetrap]: That is a terrible name.

[Jon Burgess]: It's not bad. Should I have called it "Greasetrap Eats?"

[Greasetrap]: That doesn't work either. They're not all good!

[Jon Burgess]: But you still devour it all anyway, don't you?

[Greasetrap]: *flattens ears*

[Greasetrap]: Maybe.

[Jon Burgess]: That's what I thought. Now be quiet. As I was saying, I'll be starting up a food blog by Greasetrap here, one of the charachters of my current in-progress work (which you can start reading for free by signing up to my newsletter). At any rate, the first post should be up sometime in the next two weeks.