Greasetrap Eats: Poutine, Potato Champion

Oh! Hello again. It's, uh, me. Greasetrap.

This time I made it downtown. Even though there were just so MANY places to eat along the way. Places with hamburgers, sandwiches, soups, cakes, steaks, shakes, and noodles.


Anyway. Today I went to Potato Champion, nestled alongside a couple of carts in a little lot called "Cartopia." I guess this is a thing, with people selling food out of not-so-mobile wagons? The project has my complete and total approval.

The place was pretty neat. There was even seating beside open flmes! My brother is the arsonist of the family, but who doesn't love open flames? Toads. That's who. Nasty, slimy, GREEDY toads. Ugh! Just thinking of them almost ruins my appetite.


Potatoe Champion has many things to eat, so long as its made out of french fries in a box with stuff on top. I ordered the poutine with veggie gravy. After an eternity (Ok, not really. But I swear, when you're hungry time itself slows down! I'm sure of this) my meal arrived and I went to work.

The little clamshell box was chock-full of hearty pub fries, cheese curds, and a tangy gravy. The fries were OK, but obviously just structural support for the other stuff. Not too hard, not too soft. The cheese curds were a little melty, but still firm, adding a nice creaminess in places where they'd adhered the hot fries. The standout part of the meal, though? The gravy. It was tangy and goopy and sunk in between the both the curds and the fries, bringing the whole thing together into more than just cheesy fries.

*licks chops*


I don't know if potatoes need a champion, but this cart is certainly giving it a try. And there was open-flame seating! Three and a half fangs out of five.